Redesigning the office pedestal for today's mobile workforce

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Peter Drucker coined the term "knowledge worker" in the late 1950s to describe the transition to the technology and analytical-based skillset that the modern workplace would require.

Local inventor and industrial designer Scott Sikkema coined the term "el BagPed" as the name of his new product, describing a sleekly redesigned office pedestal for bags and other belongings targeted to today's knowledge and "mobile" workers.

His new product is the first for his brand Workiture, which, according to their website, will feature "a new line of products designed for the places where work and life come together."

Sikkema says the inspiration for el BagPed was simply this: "I was tired of placing my bag on the ground, so I made my first [prototype] out of wood and I loved it."

Based on not only his experience with his wooden prototype, but also comments from others, Sikkema did more research into ergodynamics and then completed the design for el BagPed. It is now being manufactured in West Michigan and sold directly to the consumer through the Workiture website.

Being in the marketplace for only a few months now, the response has been very positive. One local software company has purchased the product for their entire team and two design blogs (here and here) have lauded both the design and functionality of the new product.

To learn more about Workiture, you can visit their website here.