Viable Inc.

Viable Inc. is the parent company of 

CLEO Cabinetry and Furniture

Office Furniture

Variable Height Desks, Tables, Conference Rooms


Wire Management

Available from Amazon

Hide and contain all the wires under your desk.

Also available directly from the us, the manufacturer.

Easy to assemble.

Can mount under work surface or on wall.

Anodized aluminum channel 35", 15 removable hooks, 2 end caps, and 4 screws included.

Reseller opportunities available.


World's smallest pull out power.

Manufactured and distributed by Byrne Electric.

Available in lots of colors and configurations.


What is Workiture?

Meet Workiture—a new line of products designed for the places where work and life come together.

Need a place to set your bag?

Meet el Bagped.







Contract Engineering:

Customer: Metalworks & Sparkeology

Co-designed with Via Design for Metalworks and Sparkeology.

Customer: Velocity USA

Velocity USA is a manufacturer of custom bicycle wheels, located in Grand Rapids, MI.  We designed these models:  Dually, Aileron, BluntSS and Quill  




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